How to Reach for the Stars

Little Tembo wonders what she should do when she gets older… her Grandma Bibi encourages her to reach for the stars.


Pepperpot Grey is Grandma’s cat. Her life is calm and peaceful. Nothing can change that. Until one day Buster from next door jumps the fence …

Hungry Chipo

Chipo and his friends are so hungry they are too tired to go to school. Little Minko goes to find help to bring everyone back to the classroom.

Pepperpot & Salty

New neighbours move in next door to Pepperpot. She thinks they look like pirates and plans for them to move back out…

… COMING in 2020 …

Grace the lion cub and Mosi Mouse find themselves trapped working on a boat far away from home. Can they be rescued?

Pepperpot & Spice

Pepperpot needs to do some exercise so is outside when danger strikes. She runs into a nearby bush and a new friend comes to save her.

“Hungry Chipo tells a simple and enjoyable story for children but in such a clever way that it offers an abundance of further learning to the reader, from exploring other countries, languages, animals, social issues and solutions…”.


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Coastal Herd Tales is a small children’s publishing business in NSW, Australia. Our aim is to produce books that entertain, inspire and educate children in their own language. To achieve this we are now focusing on collaborative charity book projects in developing countries.

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